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2012/12 New LCD 3D Keyboard Controller

A good PTZ camera always needs a keyboard controller. At December of 2012, this LCD keyboard controller lunches to the market. With this 3D keyboard, it is easy to control functions by keys such as Iris, lens, and zoom. What is surprising is by deviating the joystick from its centre, the speed of PTZ dome movement can be controlled.

2012/12 New 16CH Full D1 SDVR

With the New Year coming, Zmodo is happy to announce to the world that the full D1 DVR is coming. You may also call it SDVR, as it combines DVR, HVR and NVR together. With analog cameras, it can deliver full D1 image and video footage. With IP cameras, it is able to record up to 1080p high definition video. Not to mention its advanced HDMI port and loop out ports. Welcome to have a look on this way too flexible and versatile SDVR.

2012/12 Version of 4.1 CCTVHotDeals Released

Around new year, CCTVHotDeals has launched its new version of website design to improve the shopping experience for customers. On the road of making customers satisfied and easy to go, CCTVHotDeals never stops and not free to change. There are some delighting changes needed to be highlighted. It is not only simple color or banner change. All the structures have been rebuilt. The eye catching but comfortable front page, smart price compare for deals products, sophisticated designed product overview with innovative photo. We are happy to see CCTVHotDeals is getting better and better.

2012/10 Cost Effective CCD Kits Coming

Zmodo always wants to combine clear and crisp image with affordable prices. Years ago, its CMOS kits with the amazing quality and price have made clients and dealers supprised. Today, once again, Zmodo’s CCD kits have repeated and made breakthrough to the history of unbeatable price and quality.

2012/9 Revolutionary NVR System Lunched

At September of 2012, Zmodo’s state-of-art revolutionary NVR system has been lunched to the market. This compact mini NVR collects all of Zmodo spirit. It’s easy to install and repair. Not only delivering pure digital high definition video footage, what’s incredible is it is free of video cable. Now Say goodbye to hole digging for cable wiring.

2012/4 Z2213GY PTZ Camera Released

At April of 2012, Zmodo’s PTZ camera family has get its new member. All direction panning, high speed moving, vari-focal lens, 255 preset points, with upgraded easy-to-go menu function, Z2213GY has all you want to guard your family and business.

2011/6 Version of 3.1 CCTVHotDeals Released

At June of 2011, comes with its new website version. CCTVHotDeals has never let us know, during its running in these years, its products kinds, customers are increasing from year to year. It never stops to improve customer experience.

[01/15/2011] Zmodo's New High Resolution IP Camera is Initially Developed.
[01/08/2011] New Cameras are Installed Inside Our Company to Show Live Demo!
[01/03/2011] The Trademark "Zmodo" is Officially Registered in the United States.

The trademark "Zmodo" is officially registered in the United States. The International trademark registration is in process currently.

[08/15/2010] Zmodo Products are Carried by
[03/06/2010] New Package Kits are about to be Available on the Hyper Markets

3, 2010 To meet the needs of rapid development of the surveillance market, we are dedicated to make up new complete kits and aim to drive them into Hyper Markets. The emerge of these kits will save customers much more time due to the complete package which includes everything they need to have their system up and running in their home or businesses quickly and easily.

[03/01/2010] 2nd Generation Baby Monitoring System Released

3, 2010 To meet the market demands for wireless products, our R&D Department developed the 2 generation digital wireless camera - CM-W3211BG Baby Monitoring System.

[07/28/2009] Version 2.1 of Released

On July 28, 2009, EPTCO announced that they launched the newest version, V2.01, of the e-Commerce software. In comparison of the previous version, the new version integrates more functions to meet needs due to the rapid growth of the sales.

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    Ella | June 24, 2013

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    Mech | June 08, 2013

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    tacmtz | June 04, 2013

  • For the price paid.....THIS UNIT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!...

    Joseph | May 07, 2013

  • The night vision is pretty good and day vision is awesome. I am using them for home security. So in all I am pleased wit...

    Joann | May 01, 2013

  • just finished installing 2 days ago and here are my thoughts thus far. The dvr system is great, takes a moment to set...

    Joseph Learn | April 09, 2013

  • First of all, the Good: - once you get this thing going, it works pretty well! I can see the cameras in real time! - n...

    Allan | January 17, 2013

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